Pixel 4 gets improved Face Unlock and other surprise updates


Not long ago, Google reported that rather than normal Android refreshes, Pixel 4 devices would get a “Pixel Feature Drop” to flaunt splashy new highlights. That update has now shown up, and over expected changes like robocall screening and Duo call focusing, there are a couple of welcome shocks, as spotted.

For one thing, Face Unlock would now be able to represent changes to your resemble another haircut or whiskers. “At the point when it’s on, face open pictures are sometimes used to make improved face models,” Google’s update states. “This remembers you better after some time.” The update likewise calls attention to that these models are put away on the Pixel 4’s protected Titan chip and never on the web.

True to form, the update additionally brings T-Mobile eSIM backing to Pixel 4 devices. That implies you can enact your device promptly without sitting tight for the physical conveyance of a SIM card, and furthermore utilize the eSIM related to a physical SIM to get calls and messages from two numbers. At long last, the Pixel 4 presently underpins double recurrence GNSS so it can follow two satellite flag immediately, either from GPS or Galileo satellites. That thus will convey progressively exact area following.

You can almost certainly expect all the more such upgrades by means of future Pixel 4 drops. With the new update stream, Google is unmistakably attempting to separate its lead devices from others in the Android ecosystem.

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