A New Era

Down Park Ave, right before the crossing the train tracks, a silver sticker with black typeface sticks out. “Dao Jones” is printed on it. Meanwhile, the Putnam Den in Saratoga is decorated head-to-toe in playful excessiveness. Graffiti, band posters, stickers, and other general randomness is splayed across the bar. Another sticker, the same one near the tracks, is stuck between random hanging pieces of paper with band announcements.

These mysterious stickers are just one small, tiny component to the scheme of a much more larger musical endeavor. Local rapper Dao Jones (real name, Cole Charbonneau) has recently released his album, Dao Era. The new album is one of the results of this aggressive and relentless musical campaign.  

Dao Era, which is now available and can be found through their website, is a massive 19-track album featuring a host of guest stars. Dao Era was the result of two years of work and dedication. No studios, or big backers, but just total independence and drive to see it get finish. The ambition and hunger for greatness can be heard throughout the mammoth album.

Jones was pleased with the album, the new music, and the reception it earned.

“I’ve received a great response from the listeners of Dao Era so far. The new set that I’ve been using on tour has been well received from fans and peers as well,” said Jones of the album.

The album was not the only thing to come out of this endeavor  Jones and a group of local rappers have hit the road with a show known as #RapperProblems Tour. Not only was Jones present, but the tour did feature the talent of AirlineJay, A.M.J, Austin, and Nick Lyon.  The tour has spanned three states, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, with it taking a stop at Putnam Den last Saturday night before heading out to Boston. Jones was more than ready for the show. 

“Everything has been a build up for this show in Saratoga on Saturday night… I’m anxious but ready to give a hell of a show.”

After Boston, Jones will be heading back to the local scene. Hitting Glenn Falls tonight, Rotterdam on June 21st, and Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park on June 22nd, where he will open for independent rapper Joey Bada$$.

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