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The Mechanicville Mile is a pioneer in hyper-local news. Covering only the one-square mile city of Mechanicville, NY, the site can focus on the unique concerns of its citizens– from local government and business to school sports and outdoor recreation. The Mile is more than a news source; it’s a community resource. It provides the people of Mechanicville with the information and analysis they need to be more inquisitive, active citizens. It maintains a full schedule of local events to get people moving. It’s a forum for the aggrieved and the proud alike. And, finally, it’s a guide to living better in this small, close-knit city. Mechanicville has a rich history. We at The Mile take pride in that, but we don’t linger. The future is coming fast, and future is bright. The Mile looks towards that future with enthusiasm, and aims to help the people of this city move boldly into it.



The Mechanicville Mile provides in-depth coverage of news and issues that the people of the city care about. By focusing on such a small area, the locally-raised writers and editors of The Mile can deliver deeper, more insightful analysis than bigger news sources, whose resources are already stretched thin. We offer content in the following areas:

NEWS  Timely, accurate coverage of local governance, events, education, and other civic activities.

FEATURES  Insightful, engaging stories of the people, places, and events that make the heart of Mechanicville beat; deep analysis of issues of civic importance, like education policy and the decisions of town hall; plus an eye on broader stories and how they may affect our citizens.

BUSINESS  The latest developments in the business sector; profiles of successful businesses; how state or national decisions will affect our city’s businesses.

OPINIONS  The editorial staff, as well as guest writers, sound off on local issues and concerns. This section also includes letters from readers, and serves as an open forum for constructive debate.

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT  Coverage of the music scene: live bands, venues new and old, artist profiles, etc.; coverage of the local arts center and its activities; tips on where to go and what to do to enjoy yourself in the city; schedule of events.

SPORTS & HEALTHY LIVING  Coverage of high school sports, including game/match/event coverage, player profiles, and general news; service pieces about healthy, green living; service pieces about how to get out locally– hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, etc.



The Mechanicville Mile is an online publication, updating regularly twice a month, with a flexible schedule for breakings news and updates. Though no regular hardcopy edition will be published, we foresee occasional special issues or publications in hardcopy format, such as excursion guides, entertainment guides, or photo books.

The Mile takes full advantage of its online format to deliver news quickly and engagingly, gauge the pulse of the city, and engage its citizens in open, constructive dialogue. While existing publications in this market reach an older, more settled demographic, we reach youth and young adults– those active, searching citizens who are looking for ways to improve themselves and their city, and who will, ultimately, be the future of Mechanicville.



Our readership is defined geographically: we serve the roughly 5000 people of the city of Mechanicville, NY, though with our online format and editorial content, we skew younger, toward the 18 – 30 age group. Our average reader is an engaged citizen who goes to town meetings (or at least has an interest in them), votes in local elections, has children or siblings in the school system, and has enough disposable income to go out on the weekends, travel locally, and maintain a hobby.



Access to the online content is free of charge. Any profit comes from advertising, and the sale of special hardcopy publications. The Mile is owned entirely by the editorial team and does not accept sponsorship.



As mentioned, The Mechanicville Mile is a proponent of progress in our community. That’s not just something we say, but something we plan to demonstrate through action. The editorial team plans to reinvest any revenue it generates in the community. We hope to sponsor local events, be it a foot race, an art gallery, a lecture series, or a business conference. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with the local high school, through which we may conduct free journalism workshops, encourage students to publish with us, offer scholarships, and serve as host and partner for any number of civic education initiatives. We’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to invest in the future of our city, and we welcome any opportunities for constructive partnerships.



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