For Your Consideration: Let the Glow of Television Keep You Warm

For Your Consideration: Let the Glow of Television Keep You Warm

The weather has dropped well below zero and any desire to go out and do something has reached the same point. What better excuse to wrap yourself in every single blanket in your house and turn on the television. Or read a book. No, don’t pick up Fifty Shades of Grey again. Turn the television back on. Here are some shows that will be returning this winter keep you slightly less cold.

5. Adventure Time

Sure it’s on Cartoon Network and the very colorful world of Ooo might seem to be for children only, but like most great all-ages shows and movies, this stuff is really geared for everybody. Kids will enjoy the continuing adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog but the show also has a weirdly sophisticated sense of humor that only a much older crowd would pick up on. Charming, sweet, funny, and many times just downright strange, Adventure Time is a show anyone can just pick up and enjoy for fifteen minutes.

4. Justified

Unfortunately, the most famous rednecks on television are currently Honey Boo Boo and her family, who don’t hold a candle to the entertainment value of the residents of Harlan County Kentucky. Justified is a smartly-written, modern day western focusing on one reckless marshall, Raylan Givens. Raylan not only has to deal with Harlan’s less savory citizens, but his conflicting personal and family life. Timothy Olyphant brings a heavy weariness to Raylan and humanize an almost unrepentant jerk. It’s also entertaining to watch local gang leader Walt Goggins’s Boyd Crowder whenever he’s on screen. Justified is a brilliant, southern-fried mix of crime, drama, and a nasty sense of humor making it one of the best shows on TV right now.

3. Parks and Recreation

What started off as the “Li’l Office Rip-Off That Could” has quickly escaped that show’s shadows and has found ways to surpass it. While one show is winding down the other has continued to be one of the best comedies on television. Like the spiritual predecessor, the focus was taken off the banal office work and on to the wonderfully, quirky characters. This is also the only show that offers Ron Swanson, which is reason enough to tune in.

2. The Walking Dead

Zombies! That is all. Ok, a little more. America’s latest obsession doesn’t return until Feburary but I’m sure it still will be cold as its walkers’ skin. The Walking Dead provides some thrilling, nail-biting television, showing humans thrown into irrational situations, pushed into a corner and faced with questions with no moral answer. Many times, it is a great look into the savagery of humanity. The show’s horror doesn’t stem from the flesh-eating dead people but how society’s rules have suddenly been stripped away and the show’s cast desperate attempts to build something like order out of all of it.

1. Community

It really is a giant shame that Community doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Ever since its inception, Community has been fighting low ratings and near-cancellations. The tendency to venture into the weird and obscure reference may be off-putting for some but those that stick with it find it to be part of the charm. Sure it’s weird and wacky but it’s also one of the more well-written, hilariously-acted sitcoms on television. The show about the adventures of one community college study group is one that isn’t afraid to get daring and try something new with itself, nor does it talk down to the audience. The little cult show probably doesn’t have much life left so enjoy what’s left and be one of the cool kids.

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