For Your Consideration: Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

Well 2012 has come and gone with the best movies of that year rounded up and given lavish, prestigious awards– with a few notable exceptions. That’s old news, though. What about this year? Here are some movies to look forward to in 2013.

10. Man of Steel

Superman has had a rocky movie history to say that least. Superman Returns was met with a less-than-enthusiastic response and the less said about Superman IV the better. Can producer Chris Nolan, hot off the heels of his success with Batman, and director Zack Snyder fix that? Featuring Henry Cavill as Superman and Michael Shannon as the antagonist General Zod, Snyder and crew seem to have a heavier and darker take on the American icon. Whether it provides a great different look at Superman or drops the ball and turns the once fun character into a humorless bore remains to be seen.

9. Anchorman: The Legend Continues

It is time to endlessly quote a movie again! The News Team is back and that is kind of all we know, but if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what can.

8. Star Trek Into Darkness

Before Star Wars, J.J. Abrams jettisoned the original crew of the Enterprise into movie theaters of a new generation. With the reception and success of the last movie, the sequel is now one of the biggest and most anticipated movies of the summer. Captain Kirk and his crew now face the machinations of a mysterious stranger played by Benedict Cumberbatch, the man who has the most British name ever. Most of the story is shrouded in mystery but it does look pretty and entertaining.

7. Before Midnight

The follow-up to the romance dramas Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The conclusion to Richard Linklater’s trilogy follows the couple, Jesse and Celine (played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) now living in Paris and dealing with inner family drama. Reviews coming out of Sundance have been fantastic and will hopefully make a great end to the wonderful series.

6. Upstream Color

Definitely the most obscure selection of the list. Shane Carruth’s follow-up to his mind and time bending Primer follows…well I’m not really sure, the story is being kept intentionally behind closed doors. What we do know is that it is about is that it centers around the troubled relationship between a couple and the mysterious, trippy forces that bring them together. The trailer, though, makes it look absolutely beautiful  If anything, it’s going to be a very interesting movie, leaving you scratching your head (in a good way) for quite some time.

5. The World’s End

From the team that brought you the some of the most hilarious movies of the last decade with the horror-riffing Shaun of the Dead and police-parody Hot Fuzz comes a movie about some aging friends getting together for a pub crawl. Although the story details are scarce at the moment, if this film is anything like director Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost’s previous output, then it’s guaranteed to be one of the funniest of the year.

4. Pacific Rim

A portal at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean lets loose an army of gigantic monsters from another dimension! Humans create giant machine men to fight back! Guillermo del Toro has returned with a giant slobberknocker between big robots and bigger monsters. Early reviews have been calling it one of the most unrepentant, entertaining movies of the year. It sure seems that way, with del Toro not holding anything back, unleashing an imagination that almost seems endless.

3. Only God Forgives

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive was a dark, twisted, bizarre, stylistic crime movie and perhaps the best movie of 2011. His next one seems to continue this tradition of neon lights and weirder than usual Ryan Gosling. Gosling returns, this time as a British criminal who is forced by his mother, played by Kristen Scott Thomas, to avenge his brother’s death. If Drive is any indication of what these two can come up with than expect something strange and oddly beautiful.

2. Inside Llewyn Davis

You know it’s going to be a good movie year with another Coen Brothers’ movie coming out. They’re always refreshing and different from anything else out there. Inside Llewyn Davis is loosely based upon Dave Van Ronk’s memoir, The Mayor of MacDougal Street, where it tracks the the New York ‘60s folk music scene and the life of a particular musician, Llewyn Davis. Expect it to be harrowing, with some great performances, good music and a cat.

1. To the Wonder

Director Terrence Malick seems to be making up for lost time. After his twenty year hiatus, he has been releasing movies on a much more regular bias with two more coming out in the near future. After 2011’s mesmerizing Tree of Life, he has taken a much more personal and smaller subject matter. To the Wonder will center around Neil (Ben Affleck) who tries to reconnect to a woman from his hometown after his marriage falls apart. Expect it to be the most gorgeous and breathtaking movie of the year.

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