In school halls, students react to Wasaren switch


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By Jordan Craft

After the decision by the Mechanicville City School District Board of Education to switch from the Colonial Council to the Wasaren League last month, the students of Mechanicville High School, many of whom are athletes, voiced their opinions in the halls and through and social media.

Senior Matthew Waldron, a member of the boys’ varsity golf, baseball, and Indoor track teams was among those in favor of the switch.

“I believe it is a good move,” Waldron said, “Mechanicville’s sports will reap the rewards.”

Waldron said the teams would benefit from shorter travel time, similar school size and demographics, as well as more competitive and comparable competition.

Another supporter of the switch, junior Michael Bove, a member of the boys’ varsity soccer and Indoor track teams, spoke about the size and distance benefits of the Wasaren League. “By moving to the Wasaren,” Bove said, “we will be able to have more equal numbers and therefore be able to better compete.”

On the other end of the spectrum, a member of the varsity softball team, senior Jami Frosell questions the switch.

“A lot of our teams are already hugely successful,” Jami said as she went on to list the teams that, in recent years, have been strong competitors, including the girls’ softball and soccer teams, the boys’ basketball team, and the boys’ and girls’ bowling teams. “Switching to the Wasaren could be putting those teams on the line,” Jami added. “I just don’t understand it.”

Senior Allison Carola, a member of the girls’ bowling team is also among those opposed to the switch. She stated the she, her teammates and her coach built their team up from the ground and now it could all be washed away.

“It’s sad to see Mechanicville stray away from tradition,” Carola said, “Changes can be good, but not this one.”

Some students are somewhat in the middle of the spectrum. Junior Sean Jones, a member of the boys’ varsity soccer and baseball teams, is one of those students. Jones sees both pros and cons for the switch.

“For soccer,” Jones says, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea. We may get a better seed going into sectionals which could give us a better chance.”

Jones also touched upon other sports and the switch’s effects on them.

“For some sports teams such as softball, they are very welcome to the higher competition of the Colonial Council,” he said.

Jordan Craft is a senior at Mechanicville High School and a member of the Mechanicville Mile’s Raider Reporter program.

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