MHS Boys Basketball 2000-2009 All-Decade Teams

MHS Boys Basketball 2000-2009 All-Decade Teams
By Bob Murphy and Tom McBride

Mechanicville High School Gymnasium (January 2003 - Present)

For the past few years, I’ve had ongoing discussion with local basketball fans, players, and aficionados about what names would land on an imaginary 2000-2009 MHS Boys Basketball All-Decade team.    As with any “Best of” list in sports, it is difficult to compare players that played at different points in time.  In a national context, how can you compare Bill Russell to Anthony Davis? Believe it or not, this challenge exists even when analyzing players over as short a time period as a decade in as small a place as Mechanicville.

The way I see it, this list should be based on success and impact over the 2000-2009 time period.  Players like Chris Morgan and Sam DeCelle who had limited action in the 2000-2009 time frame should be weighed less.  I also chose to place a premium on members of teams that made deep runs in the postseason tournament.  These teams delivered when it mattered most and when the stakes were highest.  Further, I took into account the opinions of people who were around the basketball program during the decade as well as selections to regular and postseason all-star teams.

Over the decade there were several quality teams that made deep postseason runs.  The young 2000 squad ran aground in the Class CC sectional semifinals.  In 2001, Colonial Council Co-Champion MHS lost in the state finals to mid-1990s rival Buffalo Traditional.  In 2003, a buzzer-beating 3-pointer lead to overtime but the Red Raiders came up short in the Class C sectional finals.  In 2008, MHS made a miraculous turnaround from a down 2007 season and lost in the state finals to Maple Grove.

Pat Marra drives to the hoop in a sectional game vs. Cambridge

In discussion with people in the basketball community, key cogs in the 2001 state semifinalist team Marc Miranda, Todd Noble, and Matt Ramnes were near unanimous selections for 1st team honors.  Debate for the remaining slots varied depending on the age perspective of those asked as well as what their own criteria for deeming players worthy of first or second team honors.

Only two years into the current decade, it’s fairly safe to say that players from this year’s MHS hoop squad like Jordan McBride, Ryan McBride, and Sam DeCelle will be in the mix for the next all-decade team. As recently as 2008, the Red Raiders reached the state finals, but how does one compare those players with the 2001 team that also played for the state title?

So, without further ado, I present the MHS Boys Basketball All-Decade Team.

1st team:
PG Pat Marra ’08 (2008 3rd team Colonial, Class C Sectional MVP)
SG Marc Miranda ’01 (2000, 2001 1st team Colonial, 2001 Class CC Sectional MVP)
SF Matt Ramnes ’02 (2002 1st team Colonial)
PF Todd Noble ’01 (2001 1st team Colonial, 2000 3rd team, 2001 Class CC Sectional All-Star)
C Nick Lettrick ’09 (2009 1st team Colonial)

2nd team:
PG Bob Murphy ‘05 (2004 2nd team Colonial, 2005 3rd Colonial, 2003 Class C Sectional All-Star)
SG Aaron Boudreau ‘06 (2005 3rd team Colonial, 2006 1st team Colonial)
SF Josh Rougia ’09 (2009 1st team Colonial, 2008 Class CC Sectional All-Star)
PF Curran Rougia ’04 (2003, 2004 2nd team Colonial, 2003 Class C Sectional All-Star)
C Kevin Ferrone ’01

Honorable Mention:
SG Paul MacMillan ’08 (2008 1st team Colonial, 2008 Class C State Tourney All-Star)
PG Dustin Connors ’03 (2003 2nd team Colonial)
C Jeremy Brown ’04 (2004 3rd team Colonial)
PF Eric Ferrone ’06 (2006 2nd team Colonial)
SF Jeremiah Constantine ’04 (2004 3rd team Colonial)

Tom McBride, member of the ’04-05 and ’05-06 MHS varsity teams, offered his own opinion on the all-decade team. Tom writes:


My all-decade team is dominated by players who took part in the 2001 and 2008 state finals runs. Led by two of the most exciting and talented players in the school’s history, Todd Noble and Marc Miranda, with Matt Ramnes running point and Kevin Ferrone doing it all on the boards and on the defensive end, the ‘01 team is arguably the greatest MHS team of all time.

My first team by position includes the four players on the ‘01 team mentioned above and rounded out with four-year contributor Bob Murphy.

My second team by position includes three key contributors from the ‘08 state runner-up team, point guard Pat Marra, scorer and dunker Josh Rougia and center Nick Lettrick. Completing my second team are two of the most talented guys I personally played with in Curran Rougia and Aaron Boudreau. Aaron was a great scorer on my two varsity years and Curran was known for his jump shooting and shot blocking abilities during his years with the Red Raiders. Pat gets the nod at point guard for his big shots and leadership on the ‘08 runner-up team.

A few honorable mentions include Mechanicville’s version of Chauncey Billups, Mr. Big Shot, Dustin Connors, one the best undersized post players I’ve ever played with, Jeremy Brown, and do-it-all star for the ‘08 team, Paul MacMillan.

1st Team
PG Matt Ramnes ‘02
SG Bob Murphy ‘05
SF Marc Miranda ‘01
PF Todd Noble ‘01
C Kevin Ferrone ‘01

2nd Team
PG Pat Marra ‘08
SG Josh Rougia ‘09
SF Aaron Boudreau ‘06
PF Curran Rougia ‘08
C Nick Lettrick ‘09

Honorable Mention: Dustin Connors ‘03, Paul MacMillan ‘08, Jeremy Brown ‘04

Now that you have seen two perspectives, how do you think we did? Who did we underrate? Who is on your all-decade first team? Let’s keep the debate more civil than a Mechanicville-Watervliet game, but have at it!

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