Sir Koolski’s World of Kool Animals


Author Scott Cerkowski reading his book to a captive audience at the library during a book signing.

Author Scott Cerkowski, under the guise of pen name Sir Koolski and with the help of some animals, wants to teach children an important lesson: that the things that make us different are what make us cool. It is with his series of books, known as the “Kool Animal Kool-lections” that he hopes to show children just that in a fun way.

“I thought I would make a thing that says it’s cool to be different, to be unique,” said Cerkowski. “It’s okay to be different after reading this book.”

Currently, there are two books out in the series, “Gunpher: The Mad Cat-ter” and “Larry: The Admired Bird”. The book about Gunpher is based upon Cerkowski and his wife’s own cat, who is one of the main influences on Cerkowski’s writing.

“It started off with my own cat,” said Cerkowski. “I watched him walk around all, and I was like, ‘Let me write about him,’ and I started writing about animals.”

Even though a precocious house cat was an influence on Cerkowski’s writing, it was not the major factor that compelled him to begin writing his poetry. It was being diagnosed with Primary Aggressive Multiple Sclerosis that drove him to start writing.

“I can’t work anymore. I just sit here at the laptop all day,” said Cerkowski. “I might as well do something for someone.”

Cerkowski discovered that he had a knack for writing poetry after what simply begun as just fooling around on Facebook. He would soon turned his attention the animal-centric poetry that would become his book.

“I love kids, I love animals, and I just started doing it,” he said. “I can’t tell you how or why but I came up with the series name. One day I was just talking to my parents and I came up with the pen name Sir Koolski.”

It was after this epiphany that he began compiling his inspirational poems for children.

So far, Cerkowski has received a positive reaction to his work, one that indicates the kids have taken to his books’ lessons wholeheartedly. He was able to capture their restless minds at a book-signing recently.

“The kids seem to love it,” he said. “They were so good, too. They were there for the book reading; they made me nervous. It was so quiet, I was like ‘Get a little rowdy for me.’”

The librarian told Cerkowski that the kids would have let him know if he was doing anything wrong. They were, in fact, hanging on every word in the book.

The glowing reception didn’t just end at the book signing. A woman had written to him via Facebook informing him that her girls have read the book more than 20 times.

“They said they read it to their little baby sister and they loved it and it just gives you chills,” said Cerkowski.

With two books already out, Cerkowski plans many more “Kool Animal Kool-lections”. He states that he has ten already ready to be released, with more on the horizon. Books can be ordered through Amazon and through the author’s website and sirkoolski.com.

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