The Feast Continues

The All Saints on the Hudson Parish took the reigns this year for the 110th Feast of the Assumption in Mechanicville.

MECHANICVILLE – My name is Murphy. But in Mechanicville, the 15th of August is instilled in the memory of kids as a memorable mark on the calendar almost as much as the 4th of July. This date means the Feast of the Assumption, a Roman Catholic feast day of traditional importance to local people, especially those of Italian descent.

The Feast was a three-day event a generation ago, fueled by the heritage fervor of the many first and second generation Italian-Americans that settled in Mechanicville. Originally, the Feast was composed of two days (August 13th & 14th) of street dances and street vendors on Viall Avenue at the Italian Fraternal and a third day (August 15th) marked by a Catholic mass, procession down Saratoga Avenue, and a more significant carnival on fairgrounds atop Viall Hill. At the fairgrounds, an Italian band adorned the bandstand and the aromas of pastas and baked goods filled the air, the night culminating in a fireworks display by Alonzo’s Fireworks.

The festival faded in popularity in the 1980s and was eventually discontinued, only to be revived at the beginning of the last decade. This year, the All Saints on the Hudson Parish organized the event, which was held in the parking lot behind the former Assumption Church on August 16th.

On Thursday the 15th, the cracking sound of colliding bocce balls could be heard on Viall Avenue, as it does every Thursday night during the warm months at the Fraternal Courts. The photos below are from the end of the night after many of the league’s matches had finished featuring Tommy Izzo, Alex DiMarzio, and Chris Schiffert among other league members. The end-of-the-season tournaments for the local bocce leagues are approaching in the next few weeks and updates will follow.

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