West Side Fire Station Loses Truck

Just as the idea was explored a few years ago, the fire truck in the West Side Fire Station was recently relocated to the Central Station.

MECHANICVILLE – In a move made for safety reasons rather than cost savings, the fire truck at the West Side Fire Station (Mechanicville Fire Department #2) has been moved to the Central Station on North Main Street. The move was questioned by some attendees at Wednesday’s City Council Meeting.

The subject was brought up during public comment when city resident Dave DeMarco asked for reasoning for the move.

Mayor Anthony Sylvester replied by saying that response times from the West Side Station have been slow and that moving the truck to the Central Station would address this issue.

When asked if this action would reduce costs for the city, the Mayor replied, “No, the move was made for safety reasons.”

Commissioner of Accounts Mark Seber explained the response time data that prompted the move and how, by consolidating the fire stations, these times will be improved, at least in theory.

“We will look at response time data after the move and compare them to times from before,” Seber said.

The Council said the city retains the right to move the truck back, should the action prove ineffective.

In response to the explanations, city resident Kim Dunn brought up the idea that issues beyond the location of the fire trucks may be behind the longer response times.

City resident Lydia Tironi urged the Council to reconsider the removal of the truck from the West Side Station (Station #2).

“Station #2 is not causing the problem,” Tironi said, also displaying concern for the West Side neighborhood should a train block access to the area. “It’s going to be hard to have just one.”

With the removal of the fire truck from the West Side Station, the Mechanicville Fire Department’s vehicles will be consolidated into the Central Firehouse.

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